Jamie Drummond
Executive Director, DATA
Jamie Drummond is executive director of DATA - Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa - which he co-founded with Bono and Bobby Shriver and others in 2002. DATA's mission is to help Africa beat AIDS and achieve the Millennium Goals by creating a supportive movement, especially in the USA. DATA has played a leading role in encouraging the Bush Administration to propose and Congress to appropriate substantial increases in poverty-focused ODA over the last five years. DATA also lobbies the UK, G7 and other OECD nations to offer improved debt, effective aid and trade policies so that Africa can receive or is able to earn the resources necessary to achieve the Millennium Goals. Jamie was formerly global strategist for Jubilee 2000 "drop the debt", and prior to that worked at Christian Aid. He has traveled widely in Africa and Asia and has an MA in Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies. In 2007 Jamie was elected a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

In 2004, DATA, Bread for the World, the Better Safer World coalition and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations created ONE: The Campaign to Make Poverty History, which calls for 1% more of the US federal budget to be directed towards effective international assistance, as America's initial fair share of a global effort to achieve the Millennium Goals. ONE also calls for deeper debt cancellation, trade reform and anti-corruption measures